Rada Caselle

  • Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher with experience that goes beyond 15 years of work, she begins her training with the techniques of Street Dance and then specializes in Waacking, a dance that was born in the 70s, while continuing her journey in all the other styles including Salsa and Hustle, two pair dances. Trained with the best teachers around the world, her name soon became known in Europe and then around the world, becoming an icon and an international reference point, thanks to her charisma and her unmistakable style. Over the years she has won the best national and international competitions and today is called to teach and judge in many countries in Europe, Russia, Asia and America.
  • Creator of the Waackengers Crew in Italy, she decided to form a group also in Kazakhstan with the same name, an all-female group, versatile, strong and elegant at the same time, also known all over the world. Creator of the Waacking event, today the most important in Europe is “Waack it out” which estimates the presence of more than 250 dancers from all over the world.
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