Konichiwa Crew

The Dj Duo and beat producer Konichiwa crew was founded in 2012 by the Angolan artists – Dj Afro-Kid and Dj VidalVoodoo. The Konichiwa crew sound, their beats and Dj sets, has influences from Hip hop, R&B, House, Afro-Sound, Kuduro, UK bass and Trap. They gained major success as DJs at dance competitions and events such as:
  • World of Dance
  • Hip-hop Kingz
  • SDK
  • Juste Debout Poland
  • Fair Play Dance Camo Poland
  • Summer Dance Forever Amsterdam
This season Konichiwa crew is going to be part of Bring That Beat Back Dance camp as well, as DJ’s of “Bring That Beat Back ALL Style Dance Battles” 2019 and two of the camp afterparties. Be ready for incredible expiriences!
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