jun quemado dance teacher

Jun Quemado

Jun Quemado is a dancer and choreographer from San Diego, California.

  • Member and co-creator of Mos Wanted Crew from “Americas Best Dance Crew”
  • Worked alongside some of the biggest dance competitions “Hip Hop International” and “World of Dance”
  • His UNIQUE style of dance has inspired many around the world. Not knowing that his life would revolve around a dancing community, his hunger for learning and become better at this art has brought him to where he is now.
  • An international Choreographer who’s traveled and taught in over 35 countries was Based in Los Angeles, California.
  • Teaching at numerous schools like Movement Lifestylestyle, Kinjaz Dojo, Snowglobe, Imma beast, Debbie Reynolds, Millennium.
  • Worked with artist such as Snoop dog, Florida, Akon.
  • Took part of a television show broadcasted in Italy called “iCrew” as one of the official judges.

Now lives in Rome teaching at Bounce factory dance studio.

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