All Style Dance Battles 2019

Ready for Dance Competition? Let’s see who will be the best!

What awaits you?
  • Three international judges
  • Financial prize
  • Super Beats of the world-famous djs – Konichiwa crew in the grown-up battle and Dj Enzimo – in the battle for kids


Dance battles will be divided into two - for kids (up to 14) and grown-ups (over 14). The rules for both are the same:

  • Each participant has one minute of dancing, following his entry.
  • The music is randomly determined by the DJ in the styles: hip-hop, funk, jazz funk, house, etc.
  • The jury evaluates the winner at the end of the designated battle.
  • Judges have the right to give an equal vote only at first ballot
  • Each contestant will have a pre-received participation number to be presented to the judges. (randomly selected)

Assessment Criteria


  • Musicality (rhythm and melody dancing)
  • Technique (purity of movements, combinations of several grooves and creativity).
  • Artistry - the attitude and connection of emotion with music and movement


  • in obscene gestures
  • in intentional physical contact with the opponent during the battle


Depending on the number of participants enrolled, the battles continue from either the top 16 or the top 8

  • Top 16 - one entry per participant
  • Top 8 - one entry per participant
  • Top 4 - two entries per participant
  • Final - two entries per participant – no time limitations



  • 1st place: 350 euro
  • 2nd place: 150 euro
  • 3rd place: material reward


  • 1st place: kids full pass for 2020
  • 2nd place: t-shirt and dimploma
  • 3rd place: t-shirt and dimploma


  • J.K.Sanchez
  • Rada Waackengers
  • Giovani Dimension

Where, When?

Location: the stage on the back of the Sea Casino (where the battles in 2017 were)

Time: grown-ups - 19:00, kids - 17:30

Grown Ups (14+) registration

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Kids (14, and under) registration

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