⚠️⚠️ Hello, everyone! We want to inform you that we have to change the dates of the event. ⚠️⚠️

Varna has recently been declared a yellow zone for Covid, which, together with the logistical problems that arose, made us decide to postpone the main event until the end of August.
However, because we know this is disappointing there will be classes next week with only some of the artists. They will be compensating and free for people who have already purchased their passes. This means that these classes will not count towards the pass, but will be additional, and the pass will be valid for August.
Artists who will be here next week for compensation classes are J.K. Sanchez, Mary Kozlova, Rudi Smit, Baby Rowdy, and Dennis. A schedule for their classes will be available later today.
The parties that will be held are – Wakeboard competition in Wake Park 27.07; Men4Queen cabaret show 28.07.
More information about the battle will be released later today.
People who have purchased a pass can use the pass in August when the event will take place, or request a refund. Fees will be refunded in September, after the event. We ask everyone who would like a refund to contact us!
Compensatory classes will also be available to people who have not purchased passes for the minimal amount of BGN 25. per class or BGN 150. for all 10 classes.

Hristo Botev Blvd. 1910, Varna Center

Bring That Beat Back is the biggest international summer dance camp in Bulgaria, founded in 2013 and building its own legacy since then. Our priority is to create a community not only of dancers, but of people who support each other work and respect themselves. We want to pass along to everyone of our students to not be fans, but equals to the teachers in front of them.

Line Up for the week 25-31 JULY 2022

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